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Episode 12: Stop Selling!

If you really want to sell more stuff, stop selling! In this episode we discuss what you need to do instead. Tune in to find out: What big opportunity...

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Episode 11: Is convenience the secret to customer loyalty?

Is it true that customers are more fickle & less loyal than they once were? Or is it just that we’re all now playing a different game on a...

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Episode 10: How to Avoid the Competitor Trap & Stop Being a ‘Me Too’ Business

When you started out in business, were you aiming to be average? The ‘norm’ in your industry? No? Well, your customers don’t want that either. So how can you...

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Episode 9: The Power of Personalisation

The quality (and longevity) of your customer relationships is key to the future of your business. So treating them as individuals in your marketing can make a huge difference...

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Episode 7: How to Build a Tribe Around Your Brand

If you get frustrated at how hard it is to influence people to buy, this episode is for you. There’s been a dramatic shift in the balance of power....

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Behind The Mic

Phil Slorick

Phil is a seasoned marketer and Founder/CEO of Airbase, a sales & marketing automation agency based in the UK. He’s a published author, and speaker, and created Million Dollar Customer to champion a customer-first approach to marketing, an ethos that informs his unique approach to marketing automation.  

Zoe Cuthbertson

Zoe is an experienced marketing director who specialises in helping businesses get the results they want by better understanding their customers, increasing loyalty and customer lifetime value. She is known for championing customer experience as a way to differentiate brands and drive commercial value. 

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