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Episode 18: It’s all about the data!

Do you collect customer data in your business? The answer’s probably ‘yes’. Which begs the bigger question: what do you do with it, if anything? Even in times of strict data protection...

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Episode 17: Conversational Marketing – What it Means For You & Your Customers

Conversational marketing is a trend that’s gathering pace, driven by technology that makes one-to-one conversations easy to deliver online and at scale. But there’s nothing new here… is there? The trend...

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Episode 16: The Voice of the Customer – Using Research & Feedback

Do you ever ask your customers what they think? And if so, what do you do with what they tell you? Actively seeking your customers’ feedback can be a scary but...

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Episode 15: How to Prioritise Your Leads

Have you ever got frustrated with chasing a lead that turned out to be a waste of time? How can you tell which ones are worth your time and...

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Episode 14: What it Means to be a Modern Marketer

Modern marketing is a complex business. There are more channels, more tools, more data, more everything. How is it possible for a marketer to be an expert in everything?...

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Episode 13: Using Content to Attract Your Ideal Customer (with Kelly Gilmour-Grassam)

In our content-rich world of social media, blogs, email and other media, how you influence your prospects on their journey to becoming a customer is a big opportunity. The...

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Behind The Mic

Phil Slorick

Phil is a seasoned marketer and Founder/CEO of Airbase, a sales & marketing automation agency based in the UK. He’s a published author, and speaker, and created Million Dollar Customer to champion a customer-first approach to marketing, an ethos that informs his unique approach to marketing automation.  

Zoe Cuthbertson

Zoe is an experienced marketing director who specialises in helping businesses get the results they want by better understanding their customers, increasing loyalty and customer lifetime value. She is known for championing customer experience as a way to differentiate brands and drive commercial value. 

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